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NFL Preview: What Should You Watch For?

August has arrived, which means football season and the end of summer are around the corner. That also means the children will be back in school, preparing for the new year. But let's look at what you should expect in the upcoming NFL season. What should you keep tabs on this year?

  • MVP: Russell Wilson: Seattle's star quarterback is always in the discussion for being the MVP. However, he doesn't get a single vote at the end of the year. Why is that? Does he not have enough protection in front of him? Does he crack under the pressure? Whatever the case, Wilson carries the Seahawks offense. You can make the case that he carries the entire team, warranting him the case for being the Most Valuable Player.

  • Comeback Player: Dak Prescott: After suffering a gruesome leg injury last season, you can make a case for the Cowboys quarterback to be better than ever. Dallas should get most of their offensive pieces back, specifically their offensive line. Add in a weak NFC East and you have a recipe for the perfect comeback player.

  • Surprise Team: Los Angeles Chargers: There are plenty of reasons why L.A. should be a surprise team this year. Kansas City might suffer a Super Bowl hangover evident with previous victims. The rest of the AFC West is suspect. Justin Herbert is becoming a star quarterback. The defense, specifically the front seven looks good. Whatever the case, you can say that the table is set for the Chargers to make a run.

  • Team That'll Collapse: Seattle Seahawks: As mentioned earlier, Russell Wilson can only do so much. His offensive line is never present and could collapse at a moment's notice. The NFC West has also gotten better, either adding pieces or getting players back from injuries. It doesn't look good for a team that looked like it would dominate the NFC at one point.

  • Super Bowl Pick: Rams over Bills: I love the Chiefs and think they'll rock it. But the Super Bowl hangover might be too much. Also, it's Josh Allen's time to shine. But it'll be a loaded Rams team with Matthew Stafford, Aaron Donald, and company that'll hoist the Lombardi trophy in February.

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