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My Vegas Thing of the Month: Volunteering at the Animal Foundation

As you know, I love animals. Whether it's a "good boy" or a precious cat, I can't get enough of furry creatures. That's why I do a lot of volunteering at the Animal Foundation.

I started in March 2020, just before the Coronavirus pandemic hit. I was searching for a place to enrich the lives of animals after leaving Michigan. That's when someone in my Facebook group, Relocating to Las Vegas/Henderson, recommended the Animal Foundation.

There are countless things to do at this amazing non-profit. Aside from playing with cats and dogs, you can also fold laundry. There's also creating cat packs, cleaning out dog bungalows, and walking dogs. There are even bunnies, turtles, and reptiles!

The Animal Foundation has numerous ambitions across the community, including an excellent kitten foster program that they rolled out last summer. The organization also places a heavy emphasis on animal care, getting pet owners up to date on their furry one's vaccines.

No matter if you prefer cats or dogs, there's something for everyone at the Animal Foundation. If you're just looking to do laundry or walk a dog, take yourself (and a friend or two) to TAF today!

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