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My Vegas Thing of the Month: Going to an Aviator Game

Baseball is America's pastime. Everyone loves it as much as they love apple pie, the television, Black Friday, and Tom Hanks. That's why I had to take in an Aviators game before the season ended. After all, who doesn't love baseball during the ending summer days?

Here's some background on the Las Vegas Aviators. They are the AAA affiliate of the Oakland Athletics, and they play at Las Vegas Ballpark. Originally the Portland Beavers, they relocated to Sin City in 1983. The Aviators won the Pacific Coast League as the Stars twice in the 1980s, beating the Vancouver Canadians both times.

Anyways, the game featured a Silver State battle between the hometown Aviators and the Reno Aces. The Aces, which are the AAA affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks, feature a top 100 prospect in Alek Thomas, who's also spent time with the Amarillo Sod Poodles. I was happy the contest was close because I didn't want to leave early.

Why, do you ask? Because the experience was out of this world. First, the food was amazing. You can't beat having a BBQ chopped brisket sandwich with a side of chips. I'm a sucker for pickles, and this delectable treat couldn't be beaten. As for dessert, you had the Aviator sundae, which had sprinkles, a cherry, peanuts, and chocolate sauce. You won't find a better treat for your sweet tooth than this cold treat.

Another thing that made this memorable was the experience itself. My seats were in the Berm, which is a hot territory for home run balls from left-handed hitters. I almost had one, but I mistimed my grab. I'll have to bring my mitt next time if I want to catch a dinger.

Another perk of Las Vegas Ballpark was the swimming pool, where you could cool off while watching the game. On top of that, there was a bar near center field where you could watch other games going on. The Aviators gave me an authentic baseball experience with some fun perks. There were even some foosball and ping-pong tables to boot, adding to the excitement!

Baseball has always been my first love sports-wise. I love the ambiance of catching a live game along with the traditions and delicious foods. I was blown away at how much fun I had at a minor league game, for I enjoyed the simple atmosphere. If you're looking to cool down and enjoy America's Pastime, come to Las Vegas Ballpark for a grand slammin' time!

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