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My Vegas Thing of the Month: Absinthe

Las Vegas is known for being the entertainment capital of the world. There is a myriad of shows to see, ranging from Cirque du Soleil to Blue Man Group. However, there's one show you must see if you're in Sin City: Absinthe.

Absinthe is a raunchy show that's a literal circus with an old-school flavor. Think Ringling Brothers with a 1920's flavor and a slight dash of steampunk. Of course, the entire show is hosted by the Gazillionaire and his lovely sidekick, Joy Jenkins. The Gazillionaire is basically live-action Waluigi in the flesh, making this worth your money to begin with.

It's also an amazing spectacle with countless acts. Whether you're interested in a rollerblading couple performing acrobatic acts or love seeing four gymnasts complete daring acts, there's plenty for everyone. Hell, there's even a German man putting on a hula hoop spectacle with an endless array of lights! Absinthe has plenty to offer, with an edgy kick and a fun time for everyone.

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