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My Top Five Comedians

Comedy has become a controversial topic for many people. With the advent of countless movements, many professionals have claimed it's harder than ever to tell a joke without repercussions. Still, it's good to reminisce about the best in the game. Who's in my Top Five in terms of comedians?

  1. Patrice O'Neal: There's nothing funnier than Patrice cracking jokes about observations in real life. Whether it's about football practice or his Opie and Anthony appearances, the late legend could light up a room with his vibrant personality.

  2. Jim Norton: Speaking of O&A, Norton was an instrumental part of the program's success. Nothing was safe with his act, ranging from his insecurities to his love for "trannies". You won't find a better act for dark humor than lil' Jimmy.

  3. George Carlin: Another late comedian who specialized in observations of American society. Carlin took on everyone, including the Baby Boomers, cultural crimes, and the rich. In fact, many people have lauded his work, crediting him for pointing out problems with modern civilization.

  4. Lewis Black: Another professional who's excellent in this aspect is Jon Stewart's former correspondent. The product of Silver Spring, Maryland made his presence known on the Comedy Central show, along with criticisms of President George Bush's policies. He also despises candy corn.

  5. Conan O'Brien: I love the late-night host's work, especially since his comedy is easy to understand for the average person. His astute commentary and eccentric personality makes him beloved amongst the public.

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