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My Thoughts on the Super Mario Movie Casting

The recent Nintendo Direct revealed plenty of interesting information. From N64 games having online multiplayer functionality to Bayonetta 3 to announcing an announcement, numerous headlines grabbed everyone's attention. However, there's one that stood out: The Super Mario movie.

From the studio that brought you Despicable Me (that's right: the Minion people), you're getting Mario back on the big screen. There was a similar live-action release in the 1990s that starred Dennis Hopper, Bob Hoskins, and John Leguizamo. Everyone hated that incarnation because it had nothing to do with the game (it didn't even have Princess Toadstool, for goodness sake). So, will this film flop like its predecessor?

Movies based on video games are known for flopping in the box office. It's hard to map out a solid plot when there are many variables to getting to your destination. Also, it's harder to stay faithful to the original game, causing it to lose its luster. Fortunately, you have the entire Mario crew here.

That includes Princess Peach (Anya Taylor-Joy, who I can see being the live-action version), Luigi (Charlie Day, who I can't wait to see eating spaghetti from a bag. WHAT'S-A YOUR-A SPAGHETTI A-POLICY HERE-A?), and Donkey Kong (Seth Rogen, which is fitting considering there's a strain of weed named after the iconic character). Bowser will be played by none other than Jack Black, so it's safe to assume there will be a "tenacious" music score to boot.

Other stars include Keegan Michael-Key as Toad (YES), Fred Armisen as Cranky Kong (also, YES), and the main star, Chris Pratt, as Mario. Who knew that Mario was a Guardian of the Galaxy the entire time? Mario was an Avenger this whole time. He is familiar with raccoons, after all.

Numerous fans are complaining about Charles Martinet not getting the lead role. I understand this gripe: why not have the main voice do Mario? However, not everyone is familiar with Martinet. They're more likely to see Mario because a goddamn Avenger is in the movie. Besides, what if Martinet turned down the role and got various cameos throughout?

Just be thankful that Disney isn't bringing you this movie. It would've had Anthony Mackie as Mario and sent a clear message about overthrowing a monarchy in its plot. It would've been turned into a live-action film and have been a disaster akin to the 1993 film. It's best to keep Mickey Mouse's dirty paws away from this. At least give us Kenan Thompson as Mario and keep Mackie as Captain America, dammit. Thompson killed it as the Italian plumber in the SNL skit.

Besides, there are plenty of reasons why Universal is involved with this project. For one, they opened up a Super Mario theme park in Japan with various rides and attractions. What better way to promote your film during the 2022 holiday season than promote your park? Also, Illumination Studios tends to make box office successes, specifically geared towards families.

For one, I happen to be excited about the Super Mario movie hitting theaters during the 2022 holiday season. There's no better time for a nostalgia trip than now, specifically when studios like Disney keep milking live-action remakes for everything they're worth. Yes, many people are turned off by Chris Pratt voicing Mario instead of Charles Martinet. However, it'll be good in the long run, especially when you're bringing in much-needed star power.

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