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My Thoughts On The New Super Mario Movie Trailer

Nintendo just dropped the trailer for the Super Mario Bros. Movie today. The film stars Chris Pratt as the protagonist, Mario, and also features Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Day, and Jack Black. It had an interesting preview of things to come, such as... the lack of Mario's cake.

But I'm still going to watch the movie. Why? Because nostalgia is a great moneymaker. Just look at Disney and their litany of live-action remakes. Aside from renewing their IPs, they're making millions upon millions hand-over-fist. An army of Nintendo fans, myself included, will flock to theaters to see Mario's... ass.

But that's not all. It's Illumination that's making it, A.K.A. the brains behind the Despicable Me movies. Can you imagine Mario not having an ass, but being made to look like a Minion, instead? Our favorite Italian plumber would save Princess Peach while wearing just a thong. What a world we'd live in.

Still, I'm seeing this movie because it brings back memories of my childhood. Memories of playing Super Mario World in my grandmother's basement before school. Me having my mom help me with Yoshi's Island for the SNES. Such memories will be rekindled once I hit that theater, which will bring a smile to my face.

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