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My Thoughts on Metroid Dread

The highly anticipated title, Metroid Dread, is finally out for the Nintendo Switch. It marks a return to the MetroidVania classics that have captured the hearts of gamers everywhere. There are plenty of people stoked to see the series return. But is the game worth the hype, or is it a colossal failure?

First, let's take a look at what the game's about. It takes bounty hunter Samus Aran on a journey to investigate more life forms called the "X" on ZDR. Along the way, Samus fights robots called E.M.M.I., who nearly capture the bounty hunter. The story has a riveting storyline with some eerie elements added to it.

As for the game itself, I wasn't disappointed. The game walks you through each mechanic, letting you test the controls out in specific scenarios. Metroid Dread holds your hand, letting you figure out how to escape a situation or fight a boss. It acts as much of a puzzle as it is a MetroidVania.

For example, you're taught how to counter enemies charging at you. The game will emphasize this throughout, reminding you to use that maneuver to survive. If you're new to the series, it should be easy to get settled into the franchise.

Other elements make Metroid Dread an excellent pickup. It picks up where Metroid Fusion left off, establishing a horror motif throughout the game. You can tell with the visuals and the music that this game has a creepy feel to it. It's no wonder the latest installment in the Metroid series was released in October.

It's no surprise that Metroid Dread was the most pre-ordered game in the U.S., U.K., Japan, and Australia. It marks a return of the classic elements that made Metroid a phenomenal series. With one of my favorite game franchises, Pokemon, failing to impress me lately, it's refreshing to see Nintendo establish one of their own in a new format.

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