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My Super Bowl Pick

Tomorrow is the start of the NFL season. Hallelujah! With that, we need a Super Bowl pick. Who'll be the team that hoists the Lombardi trophy in February? I know there are standard Bills, Rams, and Bucs picks. These are the most well-built teams in the NFL, leaving everyone else in the dust. However, you can't go wrong with teams like the Bengals, 49ers, and Chiefs.

Still, I must go with the Buccaneers over the Bills. Tom Brady will get his huge send-off and finally ride off into the sunset. The Bills will fall short of winning the Super Bowl, as is Bills tradition.

I will also make a bold proclamation that Rob Gronkowski will unretire and rejoin Brady on the Bucs. That is also tradition, and it'll propel the Buccaneers to the Super Bowl because that's what ESPN wants.

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