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My Favorite Undertaker Moments

The Undertaker is the first inductee into the 2022 WWE Hall of Fame class. The legend has had an accomplished career, carrying a 25-2 Wrestlemania record and winning a Royal Rumble. The seven-time world champion has also produced countless memories, becoming a fan favorite in the WWE. Here are my Top Five Undertaker moments.

  1. Undertaker Emerges From a Casket at Survivor Series: Look at Randy Orton's face when he sees the Deadman come out from the casket. It's incredible and an epic scene.

  2. Undertaker vs. Kane: The kayfabe sibling rivalry produced countless memories, like the Undertaker making the ring float. But it was a nice callback to see the legend and Paul Bearer make their returns at Wrestlemania at Madison Square Garden.

  3. Undertaker Brutalizes Mankind: At King of the Ring in 1998, the Undertaker had an epic match with Mankind. Mick Foley (Mankind) was chokeslammed through the cage, then thrown off of it. The match left Jim Ross speechless, making this one of the best matches in the Phenom's career.

  4. Undertaker vs. Big Boss Man: One of the Undertaker's most iconic Wrestlemania moments was when he fought Big Boss Man at Wrestlemania 15. The match resulted in Big Boss Man being hung in Hell in the Cell, resulting in a Deadman victory.

  5. AJ Styles Has Another Thing Coming: In the Phenom's last Wrestlemania match, he took on AJ Styles in a boneyard match. Just when Styles thought he had 'Taker dead to rights, the legend rose from behind Styles. That produced one of the most meme-worthy moments, which resulted in an Undertaker victory.

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