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Michigan is Back? Not So Fast

You see it every time the Michigan Wolverines start the season undefeated. Whether it's two, three, or even more games where they don't lose a game, speculation begins to rise that Blue is back. However, the Wolverines end up tripping on an easier opponent and losing to Ohio State, ending such hopes.

That's no different this year, where those whispers are popping up again. Michigan's defense is allowed 11.3 PPG, showing signs of efficiency. There's also the vaunted Wolverines rushing attack, which was averaging 339 yards a game before today's contest against Northern Illinois. Everything might look good in Ann Arbor for Jim Harbaugh's squad. But there are some reasons why you shouldn't blare "Hail to the Victors" yet.

For one, the schedule has been surprisingly easy. Aside from two MAC opponents, Ann Arbor's team demolished a downtrodden Washington team that's listless on offense. The Wolverines had it easy so far, destroying their competition with a blitzing rushing attack.

That leads to the next point: difficult games ahead. That includes road games against Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Penn State, and a home game against their hated rival, Ohio State. Harbaugh hasn't had much luck against any of these schools, losing when it mattered most. If the Wolverines are truly back, they must step up in big games.

There's also the passing game that needs to improve. 130 passing yards a game from Harbaugh's squad is unacceptable, specifically if you want to win the Big Ten East. It's been an issue for the Wolverines head coach, for quarterback play hasn't been the strongest suit.

If there are some bright spots to the upcoming matchups, it's this. There is a path for Michigan to prevail over Ohio State, specifically with their running game. If Harbaugh takes the edge away from the Buckeyes, he'll have a chance. Still, Ohio State should win that game due to the Wolverines being undermanned.

There was a time where the Wolverines were college football royalty, beating the likes of Alabama and Ohio State. However, it seems they're chasing ghosts with Jim Harbaugh still on the sidelines. But if the Maize and Blue start pulling off some impressive victories, watch out.

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