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Messi to PSG: What Does It Mean?

Lionel Messi finally got his wish, exiting Barcelona for good. Albeit, it was due to his contract running out. However, the legendary Argentinian soccer star is leaving Spain, possibly for good. Paris Saint-Germain has swooped in with a three-year deal, hoping he'll join the Ligue 1 Club. But what does this all mean for the French squad?

For one, it means that Paris Saint-Germain isn't afraid to sign big names. They did this with Neymar, nabbing the Brazilian superstar from... Barcelona. He was Messi's teammate during his tenure, winning the continental treble of La Liga, the Copa del Rey, and the UEFA Champions League. The result was the French Club three leagues titles, three Coupe de France, and two Coupe de la Ligue.

It also means the French football leader is taking on the bigger clubs, specifically Barcelona. The Neymar-Messi connection may be in full swing again in Paris, only with the two megastars a bit older. But this move concerns other stars, too. Will Paul Pogba join the fray? With the Ligue 1 club swinging above its weight, that'll mean more teams in the same scenario will do the same thing.

Finally, it means more exposure for Ligue 1 itself. In the same vein that Cristiano Ronaldo put Serie A on the map by joining Juventus, the Argentinian star's arrival in Paris will mean more exposure for France's top league. That's good for the French, specifically if they wish to remain relevant against the likes of La Liga and the Premier League.

Messi's move to France would be monumental for the sports world, specifically international football. Not only would it indicate that Barcelona's expensive ways are not working, but it would signal the rise of other clubs. It would also bring excitement and exposure for smaller leagues in the world, giving them a chance to shine. Wherever the legendary star goes, the globe will follow.

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