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Meet Ginger!

I just picked up my little Ginger from the Animal Foundation last week! She's a 12-year-old love bunny who's a calico. She's a bit chunky and pretty shy. However, she's still a loving cat and is always down for a head scratch.

I've meant to pick up a cat for the past couple of years after I left Michigan. I wanted to bring up Fuzzbutt. Unfortunately, the house I stayed at didn't allow her to come since there was a dog in the house. Therefore, she stayed with my grandmother where I planned on picking her up and taking her to Vegas. Sadly, she ran away.

I will always love Fuzzbutt and miss her dearly. As for Ginger, I will show her unbridled love and give her a caring home. Here's to many memories with my chubby bunny (hopefully, she doesn't snooze under the sink too much)!

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