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I Hate Modern YouTube

Have you ever been bombarded with something so annoying that it makes you want to scream? That's the current YouTube landscape, where you're forced to buy YouTube Premium if you don't want any more ads.

YouTube wasn't like this. It was random cat videos, Jenna Marbles, and Numa Numa Guy. It was a place where people could broadcast themselves and show their unique personalities. I even had a channel of my own, showcasing what was going on in the sports world.

I also used to listen to music a lot on YouTube. It was an escape for me during work and I could enjoy my favorite genres. Whether it was 2000s rap or city pop, I could listen to anything I wanted and not face an army of advertisements.

However, that hasn't been the case lately, where Susan Wojcicki has cranked up the ads. I can't go five minutes without listening to an advertisement about car insurance. It's gotten so bad that simply rewinding the video will have an ad pop up.

That's why I went to Spotify. It's cheaper than YouTube Premium and I don't have to be bombarded with an array of advertisements about dumb shit. If Wojcicki and YouTube truly want my money, you should think about lowering the cost at least. Otherwise, get rid this B.S.

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