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How John Mulaney Has Me Sold On This Stock

I recently went to see Puss in Boots 2: The Last Wish. What compelled me to see this was the plethora of memes that came with it. The "GigaChad" content, Big Jack Horner, and more brought me into the theater on a quiet Monday afternoon. I was hoping for humorous moments and smiles on my face after seeing the film.

It's safe to say that Puss in Boots 2 didn't disappoint. From memorable characters such as Death and Mr. Horner to funny moments, I was impressed by how well-written this film was. It's easy to see why almost everyone fell in love with Puss in Boots 2.

Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek were phenomenal as the main protagonists and the film did a terrific job throwing curveballs on who the main antagonist was. What's more, Dreamworks (the studio responsible for Puss in Boots 2) has a sister studio in Illumination that's releasing The Super Mario Bros. Movie on April 5.

So what does this have to do with John Mulaney? Well, the former SNL star played the role of Big Jack Horner perfectly. He had numerous funny one-liners and played the pure villain to a tee. Just look at his montage of hilarious moments from the film. It's an absolute gold mine.

Mulaney's comedic timing and genius have me convinced that Comcast is ready to take over the entertainment industry. I mean, just look at the rating war from last year and tell me who's ruling the roost. That's right, it's NBC and their penchant for comedy. CBS, Fox, and Disney, take note.

Comcast is poised to make a solid run as an entertainment force for various reasons. One, it's reasonably cheap, specifically when compared to Disney ($35.31 after Friday close compared to Disney's $93.57). Walt Disney's 3.4% ROE (return on equity) is dismal compared to the national average of 14%. Meanwhile, Comcast's ROE was nearly five times as much, amounting to 15%.

I love talking about dividends and how much they make a difference. Comcast offers such a service and at a reasonable rate, too: their dividend rate of 3.06% is solid (especially since Disney doesn't offer one). The only other media giant that can challenge them on this front is Paramount (Fox offers a bi-annual dividend).

You also can't go wrong with Comcast partnering with the Hidden Genius Project to help black male youth acquire digital skills to enter the tech sector. Such charitable work has made the Philadelphia-based company second to none in expanding the workforce as a media giant.

Plus, you got to love how Comcast knows its customer base. By getting comedians like Mulaney and actresses like Hayek, the company has access to the best actors, writers, and directors. This is also true on the internet side, where they can meet customer demands for bigger bandwidth.

This isn't just about Puss in Boots and Super Mario Bros., though. It's also Minions, which has produced a myriad of internet memes and videos. It's also How to Train Your Dragon, which had a riveting story and heartwarming moments. It's also Shrek, which is the granddaddy of internet lore for numerous people (myself included).

But it's not to say that Comcast isn't without its flaws. Having over 95 billion in debt makes life harder for anybody, specifically when customers are cutting the cord. You also can't overlook the reputation for having poor customer service, which has haunted Comcast for so long.

Still, you can't go wrong with Comcast and its current business plan, especially when hiring heavy hitters like Mulaney. Maybe Disney can learn from the masterminds behind Shrek and create a riveting villain and cater to their audience. Maybe Fox can FINALLY put out some decent television content. Maybe CBS can go beyond a guy that's missing his pants as a means of comedy. Whatever the case is, they have a lot to learn from NBC's parental company. Here's hoping NBC gets the NBA back as well because I'm itching for some Roundball Rock.

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