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How I'm Handling the Heat

Las Vegas is known for beautiful weather. That's a significant component of what makes Sin City appealing; spectacular mountain views and bright neon lights. However, there's a common complaint among residents that the summers can be brutal. I'm talking about 120 degrees in a day, where you can't even walk your pets due to the smoking hot cement. It can be unbearable for humans to deal with such high temperatures.

However, I'm not one of those people. I left the cold state of Michigan to enjoy life and forget about snow. That's exactly what I got when I moved out here, for I don't miss the white, powdery stuff. Such trauma of driving in the snow and wiping out has given me an appreciation for warmer temperatures. I don't mind it one bit for a few reasons, which you'll see below.

One, I don't have to deal with avoiding people while jogging. I know it seems asinine to jog when it's super-hot. But you gotta get your exercise some time. Las Vegans get their running in when it isn't triple digits outside, so why not avoid people altogether?

Two, it's a dry heat. It's not like you're living in Georgia, Texas, or any other southern state, where the humidity can be unbearable. It won't feel like 120 degrees outside, for there's no humid air coming from a soup can. Granted, your phone and water might get immediately hot. But your body won't.

Third, I can get a tan. Being a pasty kid from the midwest, I can finally channel my inner George Hamilton and look like a million bucks! You can't get that luxury when you're spending half the year inside your house because it's snowing.

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