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The NFL makes its long-awaited return, with the Dallas Cowboys facing off against that Tom Brady guy and his motley crew of Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That means fall is upon us, which means cooler weather and holidays are coming. Get ready because your Sundays will be booked with riveting contests and newsworthy bits.

With that comes some hot takes to accompany the season. Therefore, we must delve into what will happen this year. Here are some hot takes to consider for the upcoming season.

  • The Seahawks Will Miss the Playoffs: Here are a few things to consider. First, everyone in the NFC West either got defensive players back from injury, already have monsters on defense, or acquired superstars. Second, Russell Wilson has complained about not getting enough protection on the offensive line. Yes, he has a budding star in D.K. Metcalf. But if Wilson's constantly scrambling around, what good will that do?

  • The Chiefs Won't Make It Back to the Super Bowl: No, it's not because of Patrick Mahomes. In fact, the former MVP will be the sole reason why Kansas City makes it back. But there are some holes with this team. If you saw the Super Bowl, you noticed the protection was nowhere to be found. That was because of Eric Fisher being out. He and Mitchell Schwartz are gone. Also, Andy Reid is known for playoff gaffes during his career, including time mismanagement. Such factors could contribute to the Chiefs falling short of making it to Hollywood in February.

  • The Cleveland Browns Will Win the AFC North: You heard that right. The CLEVELAND BROWNS will win the AFC North. A solid ground game with Nick Chubb and amazing blocking will propel the Brownies to their first division title in a while. They also have an excellent pass rush led by Myles Garrett. There are concerns with their rivals, too. Baltimore doesn't have a running game. Pittsburgh doesn't look good offensively. Cincinnati is a work in progress. The table is set for Cleveland to establish a new era in Great Lakes football.

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