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Expectations for the NFC East

Let's move on to the NFC, where the past two champions reside. Starting with the NFC East, this division has significantly gotten worse over the years. As a result, teams are one-and-done after Wild Card Weekend. So what should each NFC East team expect coming into the season?

  • Dallas Cowboys: Make It to the NFC Championship: Fun fact: the Dallas Cowboys haven't been to the NFC Championship since 1995-1996. Their drought is old enough to legally drink AND rent a car. In order to have Super Bowl aspirations, they must get to the NFC Championship and move past their playoff woes. Of course, there are other moving parts, such as the salary cap and figuring out what to do with Ezekiel Elliott. But the Super Bowl window for this current incarnation is closing quickly.

  • New York Giants: Take the Next Step: It's been rough for the Giants in the past few seasons. Injuries, underachievers, and bad coaches have done this team in. However, they can't let past failures hurt them. That's why it's on Saquon Barkley, Kenny Golladay, and company to move up and contend for a playoff spot.

  • Philadelphia Eagles: Win the Division: Believe it or not, the Philadelphia Eagles can win the division. They're going all-in on Jalen Hurts, adding a weapon to make life easier for him. A.J. Brown is a terrific young receiver that provides a mismatch for opposing secondaries. With the rest of the division being average at best, it's a great opportunity for the Eagles to take the crown.

  • Washington Commanders: Forge a New Identity: With a fresh name, the Commanders look to erase their controversial past and become a dominant team. With Carson Wentz on the team, they're hoping to move on from Dan Snyder's past and build a new brand.

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