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Don't Make EDP445 Famous

I know what you're thinking: why trash someone who's an internet celebrity? Why give someone the time and space? Simple: EDP445 is a predator. The Philadelphia Eagles fan is well-known on the internet for his hilarious rants and antics. In fact, you'll see his face in a rating meme on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. However, he's been caught trying to groom underage girls, even going as far as sending his fecal pics to them. YouTuber Chet Goldstein went undercover to expose him, creating a persona named "Sophie". This is how that interaction went down.

It led to more explicit exchanges between the two.

Eventually, EDP445 traveled to meet "Sophie" in person. Instead, he was greeted by three men with a camera, confronting him about his perverted ways. He claimed he was going to pick up a cupcake from "Sophie", but was still pressed on why he was meeting with 13-year-old girls.

Eventually, this led to the police being called and the allegations gained traction. As a result, his YouTube channel was taken down along with other social media accounts. Still, EDP445 has tried to make a return on different platforms, including TikTok. The only thing is the internet community has reported his profile in waves, leading him to be exiled.

If you're looking for a YouTuber to fall in love with, check out BadlandsChugs. Eric Booker is a competitive eater who's competed in various eating contests. That includes Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest and Nathan's Lemonade Chugging Contest (where he won twice). He's produced bangers such as this.

And this.

And don't forget this.

Simply put, BadlandsChugs is amazing. He's a wholesome dude that's also a champion. You can also bring your kids to see him and they won't be in any danger. If you want your children to have an internet celebrity for an idol, you can't go wrong with BadlandsChugs.

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