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Divisional Takeaways

We're down to just four teams. The Super Bowl nears as we'll find out who's playing in Glendale after this Sunday. But what did we learn from this past weekend?

  • Fraud Alert! Dak Prescott had an amazing Wild Card weekend, throwing for 305 yards and four touchdowns. How'd he follow up on that performance? By throwing for 206 yards, two picks, and completing 23 passes on 37 attempts. Granted, it was against a tough 49er defense that was the catalyst for a 19-12 victory. However, Dak had some good drives offset by poor decision-making. As a result, Dallas is sent home and the public finally sees how fraudulent the Cowboys quarterback is. But there's also a fraud alert in Buffalo: Josh Allen went 25 for 42, throwing for 265 yards and an interception. Overall, it was an ugly performance in the snow as the Bills got trounced, 27-10. But it raised a deeper question: is Buffalo's window closed? They might play in a soft AFC East marked by Miami as their only competition. However, you can't overlook teams like Kansas City and Cincinnati being the top dogs. Plus, when you have upcoming stars like Justin Herbert and Trevor Lawrence, you can't help but think the Bills are on borrowed time.

  • Can Mahomes Pull Through? Chiefs fans had a big scare last Saturday when Patrick Mahomes got caught in an unforgiving tackle. Partially initiated by Arden Key, the former MVP suffered a high ankle sprain. Now, Mahomes is a gamer and expects to play on Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals. But will the pain be too much to bear for him? Or will Joe Burrow have an easy time picking the Chiefs apart once again? Mahomes's legacy won't be defined by a game where he wasn't 100%. However, it stands with a reason that a loss will likely put him in the same category as Russell Wilson in his prime. But let's be honest: Mahomes would be a much better version of prime Wilson.

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