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Divisional Round Picks

Last week, I went 4-2. Not bad for someone who hasn't done these picks in the past couple of years. I'll admit, I got a little cocky picking the Pats-Bills game. However, I have no room for error this week since the games will be MUCH closer. Anyways, here's who I have winning this week's batch of games.

  • Bengals vs. Titans: Derrick Henry is back! That means Ryan Tannehill doesn't have to do jack shit for this game. All he should do is hand the ball to his beast of a running back and Tennessee is golden. The Titans also allowed 84.6 rushing yards a game this season, putting more pressure on Joe Burrow. The saving grace for the Bengals will be their vibes from last week's big win. Otherwise, the Titans should be good to go for winning this week. Titans 28, Bengals 25

  • 49ers vs. Packers: Don't be surprised by the 49ers winning this game. San Francisco made life a living hell for Dak Prescott last Sunday, with sacks coming from Nick Bosa and Arik Armstead. Matt LaFleur also has to account for Deebo Samuel, who's an X-Factor. He can catch passes AND run the ball. Still, there's only one major concern for the 49ers: Jimmy Garappolo. If he turns the ball over (at least once), this game's over. You don't ever want to give Aaron Rodgers an opportunity to score. Nevertheless, it'll be a close game. But I think Green Bay should pull through. Packers 31, 49ers 30

  • Rams vs. Buccaneers: People are talking about how banged up the Bucs are. Not having Chris Godwin and possibly Tristan Wirfs will be a factor. Aaron Donald and Von Miller are on the other side of the ball, which will make Tom Brady's life difficult. This game is bound to be a struggle, as both teams are evenly matched defensively. However, you can't bet against Tom Brady in the playoffs. Bucs 38, Rams 34

  • Bills vs. Chiefs: A lot of people are picking the Bills to win this game and for good reason. Josh Allen has evolved into a force and the team is healthy. After all, who wasn't impressed by that performance against New England last week? But the Chiefs are also healthy and they have Patrick Mahomes. There's a recurring theme in this week's slate that each team has a legitimate shot of winning their respective games. I'm leaning Bills on this one because they're on a roll. Bills 28, Chiefs 27

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