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College Football Winners and Losers, Week Two

We had so many upsets in the college football landscape that it seeped into the Top Five! Who slew their giants and who was slain?

  • Big Winner: Oregon: The Pac-12 hasn't had much luck in college football in recent years. Part of it is Larry Scott's lack of leadership in promoting the conference, specifically with the Pac-12 Network. Part of it was schools like USC holding onto coaches like Clay Helton, who underachieve and turn into Homer Simpson during critical moments (more on that, later). But the Pac-12 appears to be back with a bang. First, it was Chip (wassat?) Kelly's UCLA Bruins trampling LSU. This week, it was #12 Oregon sending a message to the college football world by beating #3 Ohio State, 35-28. How did the Fightin' Donald Ducks do this? For starters, the running game was phenomenal. Backed by a strong front five, C.J. Verdell went OFF, running the ball 20 times for 161 yards and two touchdowns. That included a breathtaking 77-yard run, which proved to be beneficial for the Ducks' victory. It also helped that Oregon got three fourth-down stops despite not having Kayvon Thibodeaux and Justin Flowe for this week. Still, it didn't bother Mario Cristobal one bit. He just had his running backs take away the edge from the Buckeyes and let his defense do the rest. Just when it looked like the Pac-12 was choking in big games. Just when Oregon looked like it'd trip up without their big defensive stars. Just when the ghost of Larry Scott's wooden Howard Lincoln-like face was going to rear his ugly head. The Ducks endured the storm and stymied Ohio State. It's about time the Pac-12 had some excitement to it, even with a dismal showing from the other members (see Washington, USC, and Utah). It starts with Oregon, who's making an effort to recruit in different parts of the United States (and is having some success). Perhaps it's time to start to #BackThePac again.

  • Winner: Miami Hurricane Fans: There's nothing more wholesome than a section coming together to rescue a falling cat. Check out what these people did at a Hurricanes game, using an American flag to catch the feline. That cutie is certainly thankful that it didn't use one of its nine lives.

  • Loser: Justin Wilcox: Seriously? Three failed two-point conversions? You could've won the game against TCU if you didn't get cute with your playcalling.

  • Loser(s): USC, Texas, Miami, and Florida State: Remember when these schools dominated the college football landscape during the 2000s? Pepperidge Farm remembers. These schools are off to a flat start again, losing dramatically or nearly losing. USC still has Clay Helton at the helm, yet they underperformed against Stanford and got their asses kicked, 42-28. Texas got a taste of SEC play, getting stomped by Arkansas, 40-21. Miami barely hung on against Appalachian State like the cat in the aforementioned video, 25-23. And Florida State? Well, they got beat by Jacksonville State on a Hail Mary. These schools have fallen by the wayside on the gridiron. Do their fans have enough patience to deal with such mediocrity much longer?

  • Loser: Washington's Offense: There's something wrong with the Huskies offensively. If there was any indication of slowness with the football, it was apparent in the first two weeks of the season. Washington only scored 17 points in their first two games combined. Dylan Morris threw three interceptions in the Huskies' loss to Montana, contributing to their woes. With a turnover ratio of -4, Washington's season is already done. That's disappointing considering some experts were picking the Huskies as a sleeper pick to make the CFP.

Other Winners: Tulane's blocked field goal turned into a touchdown, UAB's Turnover Dragon, Iowa, Big 12's new schools

Other Losers: Pac-12 schools not named Oregon, injured quarterbacks, Big 12 members not named Oklahoma

Playoff Four

  1. Alabama

  2. Georgia

  3. Oregon

  4. Oklahoma

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