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College Football Winners and Losers, Week Seven

Who's ready for another playoff shake-up? We've got our rankings a rockin', with a colossal upset in the Midwest. Here's who scared the ghoulies and who got scared out of their socks.

  • Winner: David Bell: What do 11 receptions for 240 yards and a touchdown get you? It gets your team an upset victory over the second-best team in the land. Purdue scored a 24-7 upset in Iowa City, mainly from the junior's exceptional performance. Do the Boilermakers have a shot at becoming the Big Ten West champions?

  • Winner: Cincinnati: Replacing Iowa for the second spot in the poll is the Cincinnati Bearcats, who had a convincing 56-21 victory over Central Florida. Jerome Ford had a big running day, carrying the ball 20 times for 189 yards and four touchdowns. Cincy has a straightforward schedule moving forward, leaving them open to make the playoffs. Could this be the year a Group of Five team finally makes the playoffs?

  • Winner: Tyrion Davis-Pierce: The LSU running back had a MAMMOTH day in the bayou, carrying the ball 36 times for 287 yards and three touchdowns. That helped the Tigers pull a big 49-42 upset over #20 Florida, causing more SEC chaos. LSU hasn't had much success since being the 2019 champions. However, this is nice assurance for a team that's been in turmoil for so long.

  • Big Loser: Iowa: Critics have warned about the Iowa Hawkeyes offense. They warned about how stagnant it looked at times, having trouble getting drives going. That was in full effect as the #2 Hawkeyes were upset by the Purdue Boilermakers, 24-7. Spencer Petras threw three interceptions as Iowa stalled at 271 total yards. Meanwhile, Purdue wideout David Bell had a monster day, scorching the Hawkeyes secondary. The junior had no problem running routes all over the second-ranked team in the nation, making each reception look effortless. Suddenly, the loss shakes up the Big Ten, leaving the chance to represent the conference in the playoffs up in the air. Will it be the Ohio State Buckeyes? The Michigan State Spartans? The Michigan Wolverines (finally)? The Hawkeyes loss has opened up a Pandora's Box of possibilities, making the race to the playoff even more intriguing.

  • Loser: Ed Orgeron: The LSU head coach hasn't had much to smile about after the 2019 season. With a 9-8 record to show, his tenure hasn't amounted to much success. That's why the former championship-winning coach is leaving at the end of the season, ending a disappointing tenure for him and the Tigers.

  • HUGE Loser: Volunteer Fans: Throwing items at your head coach is unacceptable. That's especially true if it's a golf ball. Tennessee fans are much better than this.

Other Winners: Jelani Woods's crazy TD catch, Ohio's 99-yard touchdown play, Purdue

Other Losers: BYU, Arizona State in the second half, Arkansas

College Football Playoff Four:

  1. Georgia

  2. Cincinnati

  3. Oklahoma

  4. Alabama

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