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Championship Picks

What did I tell you? The games would be close and "Any Given Sunday" took effect, destroying many experts' picks (including mine). We have the Cincinnati Bengals, Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers, and Los Angeles Rams left. Will we have exciting action like last weekend? Who's moving onto the Super Bowl in Inglewood on February 13th?

  • Cincinnati Bengals vs. Kansas City Chiefs: It's amazing that the Bengals have made it to the AFC Championship. With a transparent offensive line, Joe Burrow has managed to keep the team alive. Cincinnati is playing with a lot of chemistry right now and Burrow is hitting his main guy, Ja'Marr Chase, with ease. But it isn't just their skill players and quarterback that's making plays. The Bengals' secondary forced three picks on Ryan Tannehill, setting up a much-needed road win. But why will the back-to-back AFC champions still reign supreme? Obviously, you have that Patrick Mahomes dude under center. You also have incredible offensive weapons like Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill. But it's also an improved defensive unit that has shown poise as the season progressed. The defensive line, led by Chris Jones, has gotten better and should give Joe Burrow problems. The only saving grace for Burrow and the crew is to attack the safeties, as Tyrann Mathieu is questionable for the game. Still, that won't be a problem for the Chiefs. I also believe this Cincinnati team is still a little raw, with their star players being in their first or second years in the league. Yes, these two teams faced off in Week 17, with the Bengals getting the upper hand, 34-31. In that game, the former MVP was held to only 259 yards, despite throwing for two touchdowns. However, Mahomes and company will be more motivated to seek revenge this time around, especially since their mission is much bigger: Getting back to winning the Super Bowl. Chiefs 42, Bengals 28

  • San Francisco 49ers vs. Los Angeles Rams: You know, the 49ers have played the underdog role extremely well. They have one of the best defenses in the NFL, led by a stellar front seven. With Nick Bosa and Fred Warner knocking heads, it's easy to see why San Francisco made the playoffs. Dak Prescott barely completed more than 50% of his passes against that defense and Aaron Rodgers threw for only 225 yards a week later. Now, you're wondering how the NFC Championship will play out? Let me tell you why I'm finally picking the 49ers to win and make the Super Bowl. For one, San Francisco has a favorable matchup against Los Angeles. The Rams are all about finesse and looking good on both sides of the ball. They have the big names on offense (Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp) and defense (Von Miller and Jalen Ramsey). Meanwhile, Kyle Shanahan loves physical football and hitting opponents in the mouth. Whether it's Bosa chasing down a quarterback or Deebo Samuel blowing through a corner on a jet sweep, San Francisco loves to push their opponents around. While Stafford can handle the blitz perfectly, the 49ers don't need to send extra guys because of their strong front seven. They can keep extra men in coverage and force Stafford to make snap decisions. Also, have you considered that SoFi Stadium is essentially Levi's South? The Week 18 matchup between the two teams was littered with 49er fans. In fact, you can hear the roar when Ambry Thomas got the game-ending interception in overtime. It's no wonder that Kyle Shanahan is 7-3 against the Rams and San Francisco is currently on a six-game winning streak against Los Angeles. That's why I think it'll be a Super Bowl rematch between the Chiefs and the 49ers. 49ers 30, Rams 24

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