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Can Anyone Stop the Bruins?

In case you haven't heard, the Boston Bruins are on a historic pace. Currently, the Bruins sit at 42-8-5, which is obviously the best record in the NHL. But there's more to it. That specifically involves history: Boston's on pace to match the record for most wins in an NHL season (set by both Detroit in 1995-1996 and Tampa Bay in 2018-2019) and most points in an NHL season (set by Montreal in 1976-1977).

In fact, the Bruins and the Celtics are on pace to accomplish a rare feat: having the best record in their respective leagues. That's never been accomplished before and would be a feather in the Boston fan's cap. Now that's groundbreaking.

What has been the catalyst for such a dominant performance? For one, it's two individuals responsible. One is David Pastrnak, who leads the team in goals (39) and assists (36). He leads a Bruins attack that has 13 players with double digit numbers in assists. Boston knows how to set up opportunities and score in bunches.

The other player is Vezina favorite, Linus Ullmark. Ullmark has dominated the opposition, adding two shutouts to an impressive statline (1.90 GAA and .937 save %, both best in the NHL).

That raises an interesting question: who can stop the Bruins? Besting them would mean taking away space in their zone and controlling the puck. Applying the pressure is key to beating Boston and sending them home in the playoffs.

But can anybody do it? Watch for teams like the Dallas Stars, who are young and have plenty of scoring options of their own. Teams like Carolina and Toronto (if they get out of their own way and don't choke to the playoff pressure) can pull this off, too.

Keep in mind that teams on incredible paces usually don't end up winning it all. Just look at the likes of a similar Massachusetts team: the 2007 Patriots. They finished undefeated in the regular season, only to lose to the Giants in the Super Bowl. But that's something Bruins fans aren't thinking about now. They're in the moment and enjoying the ride.

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