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Biggest Takeaways From Week Twelve of the NFL Season

Super Mario Bros. just had another trailer drop from Illumination. It showed us this picture of Donkey Kong, which I can't take seriously. Just look at him!

Miyamoto should've given Donkey Kong a blunt (especially since Seth Rogen is voicing him). He looks nice, but a bit corny. Kinda like John Cena corny in a sense. Do you want to know who else is corny?

  • Ya Done Messed Up, AA-RON! Aaron Rodgers has been battling through injuries; finger and ribs, to be exact. Now, he's asking teammates if they believed in 9/11 conspiracies. What kind of drugs is Aaron Rodgers on? It's no wonder the Packers are out of playoff contention! He has no good teammates and Rodgers's ego has taken control. Now, it's Jordan Love time while the MVP heals up. Is it time for the Packers to finally end the No. 12 saga in Green Bay?

  • Doomsday Defense: You know what isn't corny? Dallas's defense. In fact, it's scary. Led by DPOY frontrunner Micah Parsons, the Cowboys limited the Giants to 300 total yards on Thanksgiving. They also controlled the ball despite two Dak Prescott interceptions. Is this FINALLY the year Jerry Jones's boys hoist the Lombardi trophy?

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