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Benefits of Buying Stocks That Pay Monthly Dividends

Most dividend stocks pay out quarterly, leaving the absence of receiving any income in other months. So what will you do? Turn to stocks that pay out monthly (yes, these exist!), of course! Stocks such as AGNC and Realty Income pay out every month, making these lucrative for many reasons. Why should you invest in these stocks?

  1. These Cover for the Lean Months: There aren't many viable dividend options during the months of February, May, August, and November. Either they don't pay out much or they're overpriced, leaving your choices barren. That's why having monthly dividend stocks are a great option during these times. These stocks will provide a source of income during lean times, even providing money during the more active months.

  2. Many of These Are Cheap: Aside from Realty Income, which still falls under the $70 mark, many of these are undervalued. They range from under $10 to just under $45, making these the ideal investment. You can put down $100 to buy a few shares every week, boosting your income in the process.

  3. They Care About Their Shareholders: Most of these stocks serve as a primary means to provide income to their holders, making them perfect for investors. They don't care much about profits as much as they do about who holds their stock.

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