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5 Cool Logos That I Love

A logo is supposed to represent the team and what they're about. There are some that look like duds, appearing flaccid to the human eye. Then, there are others that are admired by the human eye. Here are five logos that are my personal favorites (trust me, you'll love them, too)!

  • Phoenix/Arizona Coyotes "Kachina" Logo: There's nothing that symbolizes mid-1990s hockey in the desert more than the ol' Kachina coyote. Not only does it represent Arizona's proud Pueblo Indian culture, but it just looks cool. You can't help but think of Keith Tkachuk, Jeremy Roenick, and Shane Doan playing in Phoenix. It's a good thing the franchise brought the Kachina Coyote back because the on-ice product stinks.

  • Detroit Pistons Horse Logo: Another awesome logo from a team that currently sucks is the Pistons' horse logo. This was when Jerry Stackhouse was getting buckets and Ben Wallace was growing his afro and his rebounding skills. Unfortunately, Pistons management didn't bring the horse back. Therefore, Detroit has forgotten about their basketball team due to the current logo and lackluster play. At least the Wings are making moves, though.

  • Florida Panthers Leaping Panther Logo: Another franchise that should bring back their old logo are the Florida Panthers. Seriously, the leaping panther reminds me a lot of Scar from the Lion King. How could you not see the resemblance? At least the Panthers are kicking ass this season.

  • New York Islanders Gorton Fisherman Logo: Granted, this isn't the Islanders' main logo. Still, it'd be cool if they made the Gorton Fisherman their main mascot. Originally, it was a jersey for "reverse retro" night, which was when NHL teams turned the clocks forward. New York should just make a "fish stick" night where the Islanders wear those jerseys.

  • New England Patriots Pat the Patriot Logo: Nothing represents the New England region better than Pat the Patriot. You'd swear it was Tom Brady hiking the ball. It showcases the toughness of the area, displaying a smashmouth football style in an old-school format.

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