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Volunteering is one of the few hobbies I have in Vegas! Check out my website to find out more!

Hey! So Glad You're Here.

My name is Jacob Walters! I'm a Las Vegas resident who escaped the harsh Michigan winters. As a result, I've established new roots in a wonderful community! I seek to entertain people with my writing style, giving them a new perspective on various topics. Whether you love to see the world or are a sports fan, I'm your go-to person.


I write for an excellent start-up in the Fan Action Nation and have my own podcast: Ice Cold With Jacob Walters. For more information on my show, check out the link here. In my spare time, I like to travel, volunteer at the Animal Foundation, and exercise.

Whether you're looking for ideas for visiting Las Vegas or need a fresh perspective in sports, I'm here to deliver. I hope you enjoy my website and leave with a smile!

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